Monday, 11 October 2010

Condominium Fees

It seems that the most pressing issue by far for owners of property on Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria is the condominium fees.

Today we have requested a clarification of this whole area along with the proper breakdown according to type of apartment. We hope to be able to post this information to you in the next day or so.

Please do leave comments here if you have other questions that need answering. This is very much designed to be your blog.


  1. It would be nice of you actually did post the maintenance fees as promised here. We have been requesting these figures now for more than a year! Surely a simple forecast can be done?

  2. still no fees ?

  3. What arethe dates from when we will be charged as of yet not all amenities are installed

  4. Still no mention of fees!
    Here's hoping they are fair and reasonable (to help make up for the delays/problems with the resort).
    We all want the resort to be a success and high maintenance fees may well be unmanageable for some of us, especially in this economic climate.

  5. To answer the question on dates of charging. The fees will be rolled out soon and then also applied. However by law you can only be charged for the amenities that are actually being offered as all condo fees are the total fees incurred divided by the number of units.

    We would like to extend our apologies for the lack of information on fees but the resort team are finalising some details and will publish them very soon.

  6. Still no information on fees?