Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Extraordinary Meeting for SEDUM Community

Just to keep the information public, we have sent owners on the SEDUM community the following notice for the meeting of tomorrow. If you have any questions please leave them here so we can answer them publically.




According to the part. a) of the article 1.416ยบ of the Cape Verde’s Civil Code and Part V of the Condominium Regulation, the Tecnicil Hotels & Resorts - Unipersonal Society, S.A., and in its quality of the Administrator of Condominium and also of the Vila Verde Resort – Santa Maria, convoke all the owners of “SEDUM” Community of Vila Verde Resort – Santa Maria, for an Extraordinary Assembly, that will take place at 03:00 pm on the 05th November 2010, in the Vila Verde Management and Administrator Company, Tecnicil Hotels & Resorts, Offices in Vila Verde Resort – Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde, with following agenda items:

1. General information;

2. Approval of the Condominium account of year of 2009;

3. Approval of the Condominium budget for the year 2010;

If, at the assigned time for the Assembly, the number of owners present is not sufficient to constitute quorum, a new meeting shall be called an hour later, at the same place and the General Meeting may, in this case, decide by majority of votes of the owners present as long as they represent at least one third of the total invested capital and the decisions are not legally required to be approved by qualified majority.

Tecnicil Hotels & Resorts - Unipersonal Society, SA. take the opportunity to attach at this convocation a copy of the Condominium Regulation in force and to give the owners the following information and clarifications:

In relation to the Part V of the Condominium Regulation:

• All owners may attend, intervene and vote in the Assemblies, in person or through their legal or personal representative. In the latter case, to prove their capacity, a letter to the President of the Assembly indicating the representative will be sufficient.
• When a unit belongs to more than one person, the representation in Assembly will be entrusted to only one of them, chosen by all and informed by letter signed by all, sent to the President of the Assembly. This choice will remain valid until express substitution of the representative.

• The deliberations of the Condominium Assembly, since that legally approved, shall bound all owners, even those who were not present in the meeting and nor represented by third party.

• The Condominium Assembly will be conducted by a President and a Secretary. At the beginning of each meeting, a President and the Secretary will be appointed for each meeting, by the majority of the owners present at the meeting.

• Generally, unless the law or regulation requires otherwise, resolutions are passed by a simple majority of the total number of votes;

• Each owner will have in the Assembly as many votes as the percentage of their unit


Sal Island, Santa Maria, 25/10/2010

For the Administrator

Victor Almeida
(General Manager)


  1. Surely resort fees can't be charged if the apartment was not able to be used for reasons of safety and incompletion

  2. Hi can you please give some background to these meetings ? They seem to have happened very quickly with little notice . I'd there a schedule of meetings for other communities and will more notice be given. The votes taken for each community are they only applicable for all. I think to stop all the speculation there should be s statement as rent not paid by technical but seem to now be a demand for fees from completion. Hope you take the opportunity to advise owners

  3. What was the outcome of this meeting ?

    Please can you pass this on to all other community owners.

    Thank you

  4. We have been previously advised by the Commercial Director that community charges will NOT be backdated to completion. Are Tecnicil moving the goalposts again at the detriment of those who were told we must proceed to deed signing and completion despite the utilities not being connected nor furniture package delivered or installed. Isn't it time for Tecnicil to treat it's investors of Vila Verde with some fair play and respect?

  5. whats the point of giving out Tecnicil Representative email details when no one responds? I have emailed Svetlana, Maria and Nelson several times in the past 3 or 4 weeks and none of them have replied. How are we supposed to get answers to questions?

  6. We will be looking at the fees situation depending on when people completed. You will receive information on the results of each meeting.

  7. I have previously contacted Tecnicil for details regarding whether a meeting for aloe community has been planned. We have also raised pther questions regarding fees, use of apartment, utility bills and etc. Unfortunately all our emails and postings on this blog appear to be ignored. We completed in July 2009 and paid for furniture by offsetting half against the rental due to us. To date not all furniture has been installed. Despite contacting Maria, Iain, Nuno, Nelson we are getting ignored. Given the lack of even aMn acknowledgement we are frustrated to say the least. Your urgent formal response is required.

  8. Is there a planned meeting for Aloe community?